Commit f3d97966 authored by Federico Sismondi's avatar Federico Sismondi
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Homogenized usage of NGSI for watering usecase and scripts

parent 4ba792a9
......@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
this pushed data model to platform, yet no specific data about entities should be included here, that should be handled by components using REST API
import re
import os
import json
import datetime
......@@ -29,11 +30,20 @@ def get_ngsiv2_typed_description(val):
elif isinstance(val, int) or isinstance(val, float):
return {'type': 'Number', 'value': val}
elif isinstance(val, str):
return {'type': 'Text', 'value': val}
elif isinstance(val, datetime):
return {'type': 'DateTime', 'value': val.isoformat()}
pat = r'[<>"\'=;()]' # see
r = re.compile(pat)
if is None:
new_val = val
new_val = re.sub(pat, '', val)
return {'type': 'Text', 'value': new_val}
elif isinstance(val, datetime.datetime):
# replace +00:00 is the same as Z but Orion doesnt like it :/
return {'type': 'DateTime', 'value': str(val.isoformat()).replace("+00:00", "Z")}
elif isinstance(val, dict):
return {'type': 'StructuredValue', 'value': val}
return {'value': val} # bypassed
elif isinstance(val, list):
return {'value': val} # bypassed
elif isinstance(val, type(None)):
return {'type': 'Text', 'value': None}
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