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Update with the new formula in comments.

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......@@ -198,6 +198,9 @@ def get_model_water_quality_observed(
Chlorates measurement (in real time) is an indirect measurement carried out by the combination of the measurements of all sensors. I can advance you (if it helps for data models) that according to our preliminary tests the regression formula for Chlorates is the following:
Clo3- = 712,251243429412-44,82636718345*Ph-66,3367276422549*Free Cl2 (mg/L)+372,454561380321*Total Cl2 (mg/L)-0,875793659900675*ORP (mV)-4,51465618459959*Tº (ºC)+1,17321348815874*Turbidity (NTU).
Anyway, it is only a preliminary formula that needs to be further studied when Monitoring water station comes back to IBATECH.
The latest formula given by IBATECH is:
Clo3-=2,41840247818555-4,38725641757871E-02*pH+0,670467600246094*Cl2(mg/L)-0,669365973598627*TCl (mg/L)-3,02592842093426E-03*ORP (mV)
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