Commit 2b550dd1 authored by Cédric Crettaz's avatar Cédric Crettaz 🖥

Update with the attribute deviceState.

parent b01f203f
......@@ -515,6 +515,7 @@ def get_model_device(deveui,
body.update({'controlledProperty': get_ngsiv2_typed_description(['soil_moisture'], meta_datetime)})
body.update({'owner': get_ngsiv2_typed_description('Carouge', meta_datetime)})
body.update({'source': get_ngsiv2_typed_description(LORA_PLATFORM_URL, meta_datetime)})
body.update({'deviceState': get_ngsiv2_typed_description('active', meta_datetime)})
# dynamic/real-time values
if longitude and latitude:
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