Commit 7391dc05 authored by Robin's avatar Robin

typing fixed

parent c2146826
import ast
import json
from typing import Union, List
import flask_caching
from flask import Blueprint, request, current_app
from typing import Union
from src.api.config import RESOURCE_CONFIG
from src.api.server_utils import ValidationErrorResponse, extract_modelname_from_url, Connector, Converter, \
from src.logic import ValidationException, Creator, Updater
from src.api.config import RESOURCE_CONFIG
......@@ -321,7 +320,7 @@ def left_crop_uri(uri: str) -> str:
uri: The uri that is suitable for passing to the platform. e.g. /v2/entities/urn:ngsi-ld:FlowerBed:FlowerBed-3/attrs
def get_search_terms() -> list[str]:
def get_search_terms() -> List[str]:
Based on the `seperation_terms` splits the router prefixes and adds whats on the "left hand side" of the
split prefix.
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