Commit 3620224f authored by Federico Sismondi's avatar Federico Sismondi

add doc

parent 5c6218c1
......@@ -43,6 +43,17 @@ testcase_id : TD_COAP_CORE_03_v01
# and even export the message in json format (for example for sending the message though the amqp event bus)
>>> m.to_json()
'{"_type": "testcoordination.testcase.skip", "testcase_id": "TD_COAP_CORE_03_v01"}'
# using it to import json into python objects:
>>> m=MsgTestSuiteStart()
>>> m.to_json()
'{"_type": "testcoordination.testsuite.start", "_api_version": "0.1.1"}'
>>> json_message = m.to_json()
>>> obj=Message.from_json(json_message)
>>> type(obj)
<class 'messages.MsgTestSuiteStart'>
from collections import OrderedDict
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