Commit 106f88b0 authored by Federico Sismondi's avatar Federico Sismondi
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fix amqp_url & amqp_exchange var error

parent 28657d6b
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
# !/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import pika
import time
from .messages import *
VERSION = '0.0.2'
AMQP_EXCHANGE = str(os.environ['AMQP_EXCHANGE'])
except KeyError as e:
print('couldnt import AMQP_EXCHANGE from environment')
AMQP_EXCHANGE = "default"
AMQP_URL = str(os.environ['AMQP_URL'])
except KeyError as e:
print('couldnt import AMQP_URL from environment')
AMQP_URL = "amqp://guest:guest@localhost/"
def publish_message(channel, message):
""" Published which uses message object metadata
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