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Delete Makefile~

parent 563938f9
version = 1.0
@echo $(info_message)
@echo SemTest v$(version)
env: ## set env vars
@echo "Creating var env "
@echo $(AMQP_URL)
help: ## Help dialog.
@IFS=$$'\n' ; \
help_lines=(`fgrep -h "##" $(MAKEFILE_LIST) | fgrep -v fgrep | sed -e 's/\\$$//'`); \
for help_line in $${help_lines[@]}; do \
IFS=$$'#' ; \
help_split=($$help_line) ; \
help_command=`echo $${help_split[0]} | sed -e 's/^ *//' -e 's/ *$$//'` ; \
help_info=`echo $${help_split[2]} | sed -e 's/^ *//' -e 's/ *$$//'` ; \
printf "%-30s %s\n" $$help_command $$help_info ; \
build-tools: ## builds all testing tool docker images (only testing tool)
@echo $(info_message)
@echo "Starting to build docker images.. "
$(MAKE) _docker-build-semtest
sniff-bus: ## Listen and echo all messages in the event bus
@echo "Using AMQP env vars: {url : $(AMQP_URL), exchange : $(AMQP_EXCHANGE)}"
ioppytest-cli connect
@echo "Stop the SemTest cointainer"
docker stop easyglobalmarket-semtest
run-semtest-testing-tool: ## Run SemTest testing tool in docker container
@echo "Using AMQP env vars: {url : $(AMQP_URL), exchange : $(AMQP_EXCHANGE)}"
docker run -p 9093:8080 -d --rm --env AMQP_EXCHANGE=$(AMQP_EXCHANGE) --env AMQP_URL=$(AMQP_URL) --name easyglobalmarket-semtest easyglobalmarket-semtest
docker run -d --rm --env AMQP_EXCHANGE=$(AMQP_EXCHANGE) --env AMQP_URL=$(AMQP_URL) --env DOCKER_GW=$(DOCKER_GW) --name easyglobalmarket-semtest-launcher easyglobalmarket-semtest-launcher
run-tests: ## runs all unittests
@echo "Using AMQP env vars: {url : $(AMQP_URL), exchange : $(AMQP_EXCHANGE)}"
$(MAKE) _test_utils
run-con-test: ## runs all unittests
@echo "Using AMQP env vars: {url : $(AMQP_URL), exchange : $(AMQP_EXCHANGE)}"
$(MAKE) _test_utils_conf
cd semtest/test ;python3
cd semtest/test ;python3
install-python-dependencies: ## installs all python pip dependencies
@echo 'installing py3 dependencies...'
@python3 -m pip install ioppytest-utils --user
@runner=`whoami` ;\
if test $$runner != "root" ;\
then \
echo "(!) You are not root. This command requires 'sudo -E' \n"; \
@echo "Starting to build SemTest testing tools.."
# let's build the testing tool image (same for interop and conformance)
docker build --quiet -t easyglobalmarket-semtest$(version) -f semtest/SemTest/Dockerfile .
docker build --quiet -t easyglobalmarket-semtest-launcher$(version) -f semtest/SemTest_launcher/Dockerfile .
# tag all last version images also with a version-less name
docker tag easyglobalmarket-semtest$(version):latest easyglobalmarket-semtest
docker tag easyglobalmarket-semtest-launcher$(version):latest easyglobalmarket-semtest-launcher
info_message = """ \\n\
docker images naming must follow the following conventions: \n\
resource_type-sub_type-resource_name-version \n\
resource_type, sub_type and resource_name cannot contain any special character, nor '-' \n\
version format must comply to vx.x \n\
examples: \n\
testing_tool-semtest-v$(version) \n\
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