Commit a30ff80a authored by Federico Sismondi's avatar Federico Sismondi

Merge branch 'loic_requests' into 'develop'

fix stupid error

See merge request !10
parents 123747b9 5eae22a2
......@@ -1102,12 +1102,12 @@ class Coordinator:
FINISH this!
# send the configuration events to each node
config_id = self.current_tc.configuration_id
config = self.tc_configs[config_id]
# start sniffing each link
# TODO this is still not handled by sniffer, for the time being sniffer only supports sniffing the tun interface
config = self.tc_configs[self.current_tc.configuration_id]
for link in config.topology:
filter_proto = link['capture_filter']
link_id = link['link_id']
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