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refact code

parent 501f73a9
......@@ -99,7 +99,12 @@ Go to FAQ, for known errors.
Finally, **run** it, from inside coap_testing_tool run:
docker run -it --env AMQP_EXCHANGE='default' --env AMQP_URL='amqp://someUser:somePassword@server/amqp_vhost' --privileged finterop-coap supervisord --nodaemon --configuration supervisor.conf
docker run -it
--env AMQP_EXCHANGE='default'
--env AMQP_URL='amqp://someUser:somePassword@server/amqp_vhost'
--privileged finterop-coap supervisord
--configuration supervisor.conf
alternatively, you can:
......@@ -142,7 +147,8 @@ Now, let's install the testing tool requirements:
unix user, then run ansible script:
ansible-playbook -i ansible/hosts.local ansible/main.yml --ask-become-pass
ansible-playbook -i ansible/hosts.local ansible/main.yml
- run CoAP testing tool and monitor processes
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ docker build -t automated_iut-coap_server-californium-v0.1 -f automated_IUTs/coa
docker build -t automated_iut-coap_client-californium-v0.1 -f automated_IUTs/coap_client_californium/Dockerfile .
docker build -t automated_iut-coap_server-coapthon-v0.1 -f automated_IUTs/coap_server_coapthon/Dockerfile .
docker build -t automated_iut-coap_client-coapthon-v0.1 -f automated_IUTs/coap_client_coapthon/Dockerfile .
docker build -t testing_tool-interoperability-coap-v-0.5 .
docker build -t testing_tool-interoperability-coap-v-0.5 coap_testing_tool/Dockerfile .
docker tag testing_tool-interoperability-coap-v-0.5:latest testing_tool-interoperability-coap
......@@ -15,14 +15,14 @@ ENV PATH="/coap_testing_tool:$PATH"
WORKDIR /coap_testing_tool
#py2 requirements
RUN pip install -r coap_testing_tool/agent/requirements.txt
RUN pip install -r agent/requirements.txt
#py3 requirements
RUN pip3 install -r coap_testing_tool/test_coordinator/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r coap_testing_tool/test_analysis_tool/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r coap_testing_tool/packet_router/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r coap_testing_tool/sniffer/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r coap_testing_tool/webserver/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r test_coordinator/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r test_analysis_tool/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r packet_router/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r sniffer/requirements.txt
RUN pip3 install -r webserver/requirements.txt
#RUN groupadd -g 500 coap && useradd -u 500 -g 500 coap
......@@ -31,4 +31,4 @@ RUN pip3 install -r coap_testing_tool/webserver/requirements.txt
EXPOSE 5671 5672
# launch processes
CMD supervisord --nodaemon --configuration supervisor.conf
CMD supervisord --nodaemon --configuration supervisord.conf
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