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doc++ on working with the libs (git submodules)

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......@@ -29,6 +29,32 @@ git clone --recursive
cd coap_testing_tool
### Attention with the git submodules!
remember when cloning a project with submodules to use --recursive flag
git clone --recursive ...
or else (in case you forgot about the flag), right after cloning you can:
git submodule update --init --recursive
whenever you find that your utils libraries are not the latests versions
you can 'bring' those last changes from the main utils repo to your project
git submodule update --remote --merge
after bringing the last changes you can update your project with the last changes by doing:
git add <someSubModuleDir>
git commit -m 'updated submodule reference to last commit'
git push
### Running CoAP testing tool as standalone mode
(# TODO talk about the CLI, without it you cannot run a session)
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