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......@@ -91,13 +91,35 @@ Second, **build** the testing tool, from inside coap_testing_tool dir run:
docker build -t finterop-coap .
If build fails due to a "Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu ...."
docker build -t finterop-coap . --no-cache
Finally, **run** it, from inside coap_testing_tool run:
docker run -it --env AMQP_EXCHANGE='default' --env AMQP_URL='amqp://someUser:somePassword@server/amqp_vhost' --privileged finterop-coap supervisord --nodaemon --configuration supervisor.conf
alternatively, you can:
docker run -it --env AMQP_EXCHANGE=default --env AMQP_URL='amqp://someUser:somePassword@server/amqp_vhost' --privileged finterop-coap bash
root@bab3b2220510:/coap_testing_tool# supervisord -c supervisor.conf
root@bab3b2220510:/coap_testing_tool# supervisorctl -c supervisor.conf
agent RUNNING pid 28, uptime 0:00:02
automated-iut STARTING
bootstrap-agent-TT RUNNING pid 19, uptime 0:00:02
packet-router RUNNING pid 24, uptime 0:00:02
packet-sniffer RUNNING pid 18, uptime 0:00:02
tat RUNNING pid 17, uptime 0:00:02
test-coordinator RUNNING pid 26, uptime 0:00:02
Run the CLI & Agent and you are ready to launch CoAP tests from your PC!
#### Opt 2 & 3 - Build CoAP testing tool with ansible
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