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Contributing to ioppytest
Thank you for considering contributing to ioppytest!
List of devs and network testers that contributed to the tool:
Federico Sismondi (fsismondi)
Constant (cdx)
Benjamin (btu)
Erwan Le Flem (BhzErlb)
Ghada Gharbi (ggharbi)
Mahdi Ben Alaya (mbenalaya)
Nicolas Le Gall
Thijs Walcarius
Pauline Gaudet-Chardonnet
Miguel Angel Reina
Thank you for considering contributing to ttproto!
.. contents:: Table of content
Git workflow - Merge request guidelines
......@@ -25,16 +37,6 @@ request is as follows:
.. [#] Push the commit(s) to your fork
.. [#] Submit a merge request (MR) to the master branch / develop branch (depending if it's a fix or new feature)
Some other comments:
.. [#] The MR title should describe the change you want to make
.. [#] The MR description should give a motive for your change and the method you used to achieve it.
.. [#] If you are proposing core/substantial changes to the tools please create an issue first to discuss it beforehand.
.. [#] Mention the issue(s) your merge request solves, using the Solves #XXX or Closes #XXX syntax.
.. [#] Please keep the change in a single MR as small as possible.
.. [#] For examples of feedback on merge requests please look at already closed merge requests.
.. [#] Merging will be done by main maintainer after reviewing the changes.
When having your code reviewed and when reviewing merge requests please take the
code review guidelines into account.
ioppytest framework:
ioppytest is a framework for running interoperability tests.
This initial version tackles technical interoperability testing (CoAP,
LwM2M, 6LoWPAN and OneM2M interop tests).
ioppytest is a framework for building interoperability testing tools.
This repo contains all necessary software (and their dependencies) for
running a interoperability test sessions between two implementations
under test (IUT).
This can be run as standalone software and also integrated to f-interop
platform (
Handles requirements coming from:
- interop testing best practises for network protocols
- distributed execution of the tests (IUTs may be in remote locations)
- test coordination between users (user-assisted test)
- driving automated IUTs, in a generic, program-language-agnostic way
- tunneling mechanism for enabling remote interop test over
distant locations and bypass middle-box.
Some of the features include:
tunneling, sniffing, test coordination, dissection, traces analysis,
test spec online server, etc. Each of these are independent python
modules, they communicate using json messages over AMQP.
For more about this check out the AMQP API defined in the `messages`
package which is installed with
Test suites
currently ioppytest includes interop tests for:
- coap
- 6lowpan
- onem2m
- lwm2m
- wot
ioppytest is parametrized for running the different test suites using
the files in env/<test_suite_folder> and ioppytest/test_descriptions
Either if you are a testing tool developers or test suite users,
you can opt to disable some features. You can do this just by modifying
supervisor.conf.ini in env/<test_suite_folder> directory.
How can I use it?
You can either go to (F-Interop Platform)*[]
which builds and deploys the tool automatically for you, this provides
also a nice looking web-based GUI (recommended).
Run in a stanalone less user friendly way. Some docker images builds,
and setting up of a RMQ server is needed. User will then use the CLI
for interfacing with the testin tool.
for more info about the standalone deployment, continue reading..
Implemented test suites in the ioppytest framework:
......@@ -26,8 +71,6 @@ framework are:
- LwM2M Test Suite (between two users' IUT) (WIP)
- oneM2M Test Suite (between two users' IUT) (WIP)
Test setup:
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