Commit 0f05a79e authored by Federico Sismondi's avatar Federico Sismondi
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Added make entry points for building WoT implementations and WoT testing tool

parent bd793570
......@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@ build-tools: ## builds all testing tool docker images (only testing tool)
$(MAKE) _docker-build-onem2m
$(MAKE) _docker-build-lwm2m
$(MAKE) _docker-build-comi
$(MAKE) _docker-build-wot
build-automated-iuts: ## Build all automated-iut docker images
@echo "Starting to build docker images.. "
......@@ -91,6 +92,7 @@ build-automated-iuts: ## Build all automated-iut docker images
$(MAKE) _docker-build-comi-additional-resources
$(MAKE) _docker-build-onem2m-additional-resources
$(MAKE) _docker-build-lwm2m-additional-resources
$(MAKE) _docker-build-wot-additional-resources
build-all: ## Build all testing tool in docker images, and other docker image resources too
@echo $(info_message)
......@@ -247,6 +249,16 @@ _docker-build-lwm2m:
# tag all last version images also with a version-less name
docker tag testing_tool-interoperability-lwm2m-v$(version):latest testing_tool-interoperability-lwm2m
@echo "Starting to build the wot testing tools.."
# let's build the testing tool image (same for interop and conformance)
docker build --quiet -t testing_tool-interoperability-wot-v$(version) -f envs/wot_testing_tool/Dockerfile .
# tag all last version images also with a version-less name
docker tag testing_tool-interoperability-wot-v$(version):latest testing_tool-interoperability-wot
@echo "Starting to build the oneM2M testing tools.."
......@@ -331,6 +343,14 @@ _docker-build-lwm2m-additional-resources:
docker tag automated_iut-lwm2m_client-leshan-v$(version):latest automated_iut-lwm2m_client-leshan
docker tag automated_iut-lwm2m_server-leshan-v$(version):latest automated_iut-lwm2m_server-leshan
@echo "Starting to build wot-additional-resources.. "
docker build --quiet -t automated_iut-wot_arenahub-v$(version) -f automation/wot_arenahub/Dockerfile .
docker build --quiet -t automated_iut-wot_thingweb-v$(version) -f automation/wot_thingweb/Dockerfile .
docker tag automated_iut-wot_arenahub-v$(version):latest automated_iut-wot_arenahub
docker tag automated_iut-wot_thingweb-v$(version):latest automated_iut-wot_thingweb
@echo "Starting to build onem2m-additional-resources.. "
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